Super funny jokes – Add fun element to your conversation

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Having great sense of humor is a great advantage for everyone. It can give a good start for any relationship and conversation. You can easily acquire the ability to tell super funny jokes damn easily with the following tips:
• Make use of current matters and narrate it in a creative and interesting manner.
• You can copy the best style of narrating events so as to make others laugh.
• Create link for some funny stories and with the current events as well.
• Your main intention is to make others laugh and not to hurt others.

There are many things around me that’s makes me to laugh and make others laugh as well.The only thing that you have to take care is about, the effective way of telling story byadding funvocabularies and way you narratematters a lot in making others laugh. Most of the stories willbe resultof seen or unseen problems. You can make jokes and fun at your own misery stories as well by just adding some fun element to it.
With the advancement in the technology of mobiles, it doesn’t require anyone physical presence to share funnies jokes. I make use of my cell phone to send funny jokes to my dearest ones, friends, and relatives to make them laugh. Though we can’t see them laughing just if we hear that they are laughing whole heartedly for our jokes, it brings a smile on our face as well.
I was not all aware of not even single funny jokes, but the world of online helped me a lot in order to find such jokes. You can get all sorts of jokes as per the situation like funny jokes, Birthday jokes, daily jokes, naughty jokes etc. In order to make use of these websites efficiently I copy the jokes that i like to a word pad, so that I should not find any difficulty in the case of unavailability of internet.

Helps in removing stress

In the current life style of human beings, stress is a common matter that can easily attack anyone. Some experience stress regularly and some others experience once in a week or fortnight. Irrespective of the frequency of occurrence of stress is quite dangerous. The super funny jokes make us laughs wholeheartedly by forgetting all the stress, tension for some while. It is also scientifically proved that laughing half an hour perday has a great positive effect on our health.


Top three steps to be absolutely funny

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Super funny jokes to brighten a day

I am factually a funny person. I get laughs on supper funny jokes like crazy. It’s really extraordinary how so many people simply love to sit circling around me and listen to hilarious gags coming out from my mouth. Actually, on a day-to-day basis I should have some people around me for just cracking up at how hilarious I am in the way that I take daily happenings and tend to frame a funny twist in them.
And the people ask me how they can become as hilarious as I am. And I often tell all of them the same vital thing. I explain them that it quite simple to become hilarious and you always need sufficient content to play with, this is because you are going to utilize regular situations and make them as super funny jokes. Here’s how factually I do it!

Tips to consider

• Be observant –You must understand the human life’s basics. What are the common things we humans tend to do on a routine basis? You need to start putting together a checklist of all normality’s of lives.
• Find the best line of regularity–This simply means that for each circumstance what we all experience and decide on what you think is very normal in that circumstance. You need to determine what is normal and what is not. You have to find out the funny thing in normal situation and make jokes from those situations.
• Humorize odd happenings –Anytime when something happens in daily human circumstances which does not fit into the normal criteria, then note it down and simply exaggerate it.
I follow these tips and try to make jokes from daily human circumstances. A always focus to bring liveliness and happiness and transform the boring day into cheerful day by sharing jokes.


Benefits of laughter with supper funny jokes

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funny-jokes-imageSuper funny jokes really made my life easier, lighter and happier. My life was full busy, tension, in such a hectic schedule I had forgotten to smile .Life was very fast and the things around me were getting tougher. Sharing of jokes reduces tension. When I laugh my family, friends and other well wishers feels very good. Life is just not only about me but also about other people as well.
Certain situation makes me to laugh whereas certain situation doesn’t. At those times I take help of chistes cortos buenos in order have self satisfaction for myself. By doing so it made my atmosphere colorful and moment much enjoyable. So it’s better to utilize our time for listening to supper funny jokes and make our mood refreshable. With these funny jokes I resulted great sound of laughter and forget all the pressure of life for that instance of time.

Important benefits of laughing:

• My friends circle list and other contacts got gradually increased as I love to laugh and make others laugh.
• It boosts my immune system and made me much healthier than earlier.
• It reduced my stress, anger, depression and irritation.
• It helped me overcoming with the conflicts with other people.
• Enhanced and sharpened my qualities.

Lots of unnecessary things used to disturb my mind with negative thoughts. By sharing funny and humors jokes, it distracted my all stress and negative thoughts. It good for brain and kept me relaxed from all sort of disturbances. Even though laughing infectious, it’s the best kind of medicine.
Whenever I feel shortage of laughter, I listen to funny jokes and laughs as much as possible. We all have heard about laughter clubs, they laugh for no reason. They just laugh because they know that it’s going to benefit them. If a fake smile can good and positive effect on your health, then just think of real laughter it’s definitely a boon for all of us. Laughter enhances the familiarity and strengthens the interpersonal relationship. Life is very short so enjoy each and every moment of life. I really love to make people laugh and I feel happy when people around me laugh.
There are certain peoples in my friend circle who even don’t realize the importance of smile and jokes. I am very much admired in my team for having a good sense of humor and with that capability I was enhance my friend circle. In gatherings and parties I used to be the center of attraction by majority.

Christmas festive jokes

When I am happy I usually smile and laugh, it’s just simply because I am happy .The occasion of Christmas doesn’t gets better with jokes in the midst and even my is one among those who celebrates Christmas very happily with all sort of funny jokes and entertainment .There is no greater than sound of laughter in order to tell others that you are enjoying lot during the festive occasion.
When Christmas dinner was over, we all gathered around the wood of fire by eating fruits and cracking nuts and allowed the person who wishes to tell jokes to take centre of stage .We made the situation even funnier by dressing ourselves as per the occasion and events. My cousin sister was dressed up very funnily and before she opened her mouth to tell super funny jokes, we all started laughing just by seeing her costume.

Funniest jokes of Christmas

On the day before Christmas, two brothers planned to spend their eve of Christmas at their grandmother house. When they were about to bed, they went bent down for prayers and closed their eyes. One of the brothers shouted loudly saying “Oh god please tell Santa Claus to bring me new bike and iPhone “. So the other one told “y is you shouting like this, god is not deaf”. So the latter replied” I know that, but our grandma is deaf”.


Supper funny jokes tohave fun time

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I am a fun-loving person; I always love to read comic books, funny stories and jokes. I wanted to share the jokes which I read to my friends, but the funny thing was that I really dint know how to tell jokes effectively. I knew that even super funny jokes can fall flat if I fail to connect with my listeners. Thus, I searched over the internet to find get some tips so that I can effectively and amazingly deliver the jokes which I read and listen to my friends. Luckily, I got to know some great tips and now I can proudly say that I have become a good joke teller and my friends always love to spend some fun time with me listening to my jokes and laughing.

The vital thing that I came to know is that, the key for telling super funny jokes is by knowing where exactly to pause for that laughter effect and how efficiently to deliver the punch funnyline. Also, it is essential to ensure that not to ramble on prior getting to the punch line as there are possibilities of losing attention of joke listeners. Internet is the great place to get the tips and tricks to tell jokes. I always read new jokes and share it with my dear ones; this makes me have some fun and relaxing time.